Jay Leno Takes A Custom 1973 Honda CR750 For A Ride

Feb 18, 2019 2 min read
Jay Leno 1973 Honda CR750

This homemade custom Honda CR750 has Jay Leno more than impressed in his latest video. So much so, that he'd like to see it in production!

Honda has always been an incredibly diverse company. Boasting of some incredible designs when it comes to road cars, the Japanese firm also crafts power boat engines and lawnmowers, alongside a host of motorsport vehicles. However, perhaps the marque's greatest achievements rest in its motorbike division. So much so, even Jay Leno is getting in on the act.

This week, Leno welcomed a handsome 1973 Honda CR750 into his garage, a bike he actually spotted at a bike meet.

This bike is something of a homemade homage to one of Honda’s historic racing machines, but designed with riding on the street in mind. Based on the iconic Honda CB750, Vincent Scarelli started this project as a hobby after buying the poorly customised bike from a friend in 2007. Tinkering at weekends to slowly build his dream bike, Vincent only finished the build at the end of 2018.


Jay is a big fan of these bikes saying ‘To those of us of a certain age, this is a legendary motorcycle. When this came out in 1969, it’s almost hard to explain to people how revolutionary it was. Most motorcycles were still kick-started, this was 750cc, four cylinders, four carburettors, electric start, disc brakes.’

As well as the visuals, the engine has also been modified by APE Race Parts. It has been bored out to give an extra 100ccs, fitted with a mid-range cam, rebalanced crankshaft, and stainless steel valves added. Vincent also explains that ever chain, tensioner, and seal is also brand-new in the engine. It’s guttural sound upon start-up certainly suggests that the the motor is in rude health.

Jay takes the bike for a ride and appears throughly enjoy himself, whooping on several occasions. ‘A lot of super bikes are fast, but this thing has got a lot of soul, a lot of character. It has got so much character, and it’s so much fun, it’s not about going fast. It’s just about how it makes you feel.’

Returning to the garage, Leno was so impressed that he suggest that the owner should start producing these bikes for sale. Vincent laughs saying ‘another 11 years and we’ll have another bike!’

Despite being over 50 years-old, this classic Honda motorcycle still knows how to thrill.

Source: YouTube

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