Complete Your Vintage Jaguar E-Type With A Factory Reproduced Tool Kit

Nov 5, 2019 1 min read
Complete Your Vintage Jaguar E-Type With A Factory Reproduced Tool Kit

When details matter, a complete tool kit can make the difference.

Nothing's worse than owning a beautiful vintage car but missing that one final detail to set your car apart from all others. If you own a Jaguar E-Type, then Jaguar has that perfect finishing touch you might be looking for. At the Classic Motor Show in the U.K., Jaguar announced a new reproduction set of tools to replicate the owner's tool kit that was originally offered on the Series I and Series II E-Types from 1961 through 1971.

This 20-piece kit comes with everything you'll need to perform routine maintenance on a vintage E-Type from a points screwdriver and spark plug spanner to a grease gun and tire valve key. All of these tools come wrapped in a period-correct leatherette-covered canvas roll with a Jaguar-embossed leather strap. Like the cars themselves, these tools are finely crafted, and they are covered by the manufacturer’s standard aftermarket parts and accessories warranty.

“The original E-type toolkit has become a collector’s item thanks to its rarity and historic appeal. We’ve had customers across the world contact us about obtaining one, which is why we decided to manufacture the toolkits again to their original specification. It’s the perfect finishing touch for E-type aficionados,” said Dan Pink, director of Jaguar Classic.

Jaguar's new E-Type tool kit is on sale now and it can be ordered as a standalone option through Jaguar Land Rover Classic, and it's also available as an option for the factory-restored E-Type Reborn program. Jaguar says that finding an original took kit can cost as much as $6,500, but this reproduction kit costs just $945. If you're working on a Concours-quality E-Type build, that's just a drop in the bucket!

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