How To Ship A Car Across The U.S.

Jul 5, 2019 3 min read
How To Ship A Car Across The U.S.

In today's market of online automotive dealings, why should you settle for what’s available in your area? Here’s how to ship your classic car.

There’s a sad fact we must tell you. Most people have had enough of the ‘good old days’. Nobody wants to spend hours on a dealer lot, browsing for classic collector cars that simply don’t appeal to them. Instead, buyers are purchasing their next vehicle online. Those with empty garage space don’t need to settle for what’s in front of them that day. Not anymore.

For the sake of getting the exact collectible car, truck, or motorcycle they want, the internet glows red hot with vehicle purchases. Besides ultimate choice, potential buyers come out on top by saving a boatload of cash on their dream car, all without having to leave their home.

How To Ship A Car Across The U.S.

Not to say it’s all done with a click of a button. In most circumstances, you rarely have the fresh purchase arrive that day, or even that week. That’s because there is one major drawback with online automotive purchases: shipping.

Although most car enthusiasts remain hesitant to ship a vehicle, it doesn’t have to be a heart-stopping ordeal. In fact, it can be fairly simple if you have all the facts and know what to expect. There are dozens of companies out there who can undertake the legwork for you.

While shipping a vehicle is somewhat different than sending something through the mail, it has become every bit as simple when it boils down to process. However, the one thing anyone thinking about shipping an automobile should know when going in is what to expect.

With demand rising, automotive shipping has become a fairly big business. With the ever-growing market came competition, which is good news for all of us. There are a ton of companies out there, some good and some bad, competing for your business; all you have to do is find the one that can be trusted.

A few things to take into consideration when trying to find a reputable shipping company are customer reviews, licensing, and insurance. When calling around it is easy to find a company that will talk to you with respect, because they want your business. However, you should take your research into the company a step further to avoid unwanted hassles for your vehicle along the way. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration lets consumers check a shipping business’ license, insurance record, and complaint history.

Karl Brauer, executive publisher at Kelley Blue Book states, “The first, and most important, step when shipping a car is finding a trusted shipper.
I have heard too many horror stories about people buying high-end cars at auction and then trying to save money with second-rate trucking companies that don’t specialize in vehicle transport. It’s a great way to ruin a new investment.”

Once you’ve found, at the very least, three reputable companies, then it is time to start getting quotes. When getting on the phone with most of the reputable shipping companies out there, you will find that pricing is pretty competitive. The important thing to remember here is to compare apples to apples, though.

Are you looking for door-to-door service now, or could you drop off or pick up the car, respectively, when the company has a truck heading the direction your car needs to go? Are you expecting a covered or uncovered trailer?

These are just a couple of aspects to take into consideration and each option will have its advantages. While shipping a vehicle via open carrier using a company such as A1 Autotransport will be less expensive, the safest option by far is choosing an enclosed carrier such as PlyCar that offers door-to-door pick up and drop off. This minimizes the risk of exposure to elements and limits the hands your vehicle will pass through, even if it costs more.

How To Ship A Car Across The U.S.

No matter which shipping option you choose, a negative experience with a reputable automotive shipping company remains rare, and once you’ve established a relationship with that company, it can be as simple as sending a package through FedEx.

Keep in mind though that, just like with anything else, quality service does take time. For the most part, shipping a vehicle can take up to a month, so be sure to allow enough time for the shipping process.

Armed with information, anyone can successfully have a car shipped across the nation or even around the world.

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