Ford Werewolf Is A Cast-Iron Coyote For Drag Racing

Dec 19, 2019 1 min read

Put this engine on the list for your next build.

Quite a few enthusiasts love the 5.0-liter Coyote V8, despite the fact that aluminum construction limits its uses. To fix that problem, Ford Performance recently revealed at the PRI Show a cast-iron version of the engine. Nicknamed the Werewolf, a heavy-duty construction will allow builders to shoot for higher horsepower figures without the fear of damage to the block.

This new engine is one tough customer. Made of Class-50 iron, it far outclasses what’s used for most cast-iron engine blocks. According to Ford Performance, this engine can be bored to 95 millimeters and stroked to 99 millimeters, increasing displacement to 5.6 liters. However, the bore spacing, main bearing bore size, and deck height all match the regular aluminum Coyote V8 exactly.

That’s not the end of the upgrades, with 12 millimeter head bolts, a raised crankcase, 6-bolt billet steel main caps, and drilled oil passages also included so the rods have proper clearance.

Your average drag racer probably won’t find the Werewolf engine to be of much use. However, those compete in shootout-level classes where they’re pushing 1,500-horsepower or more likely can immediately see the benefits. Ford Performance says those racers often burn through several factory blocks each year.

Other companies have been trying to cater to the needs of drag racers by casting their own versions of the Coyote engine block. Those are made from stronger cast aluminum or even billet steel, but Ford Performance says such designs have their limitations. Of course, cast iron is heavier and so it can hurt performance some, but Ford Performance isn’t saying exactly how much more it weighs. Still, people making a lot of power might find it worth the benefits for their car.

This new V8 engine is supposed to be available for purchase early in 2020. While official pricing isn’t available yet, it’s expected to be somewhere between $5,000 and $6,000.

Image credit: YouTube

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