Show-Off Driver Flips '40s Willys Coupe While Leaving PRI Show

Dec 16, 2019 2 min read
Show-Off Driver Flips '40s Willys Coupe While Leaving PRI Show

You can say that things went a little sideways for this Willys Coupe after the 2019 PRI show.

The PRI show, or Performance Racing Industry, is a trade show held every December in Indianapolis showcasing new racing technology along with incredible race car builds, professional racing teams, car and engine builders, parts distributors, and more. It's the place to be for anybody in the race and performance industry. Being in the presence of many go-fast parts and builds can get the blood racing for any adrenaline junkie, much like the driver of this '40s Willys Coupe. However, things didn't end so well for the driver and his vintage high-powered ride.

While leaving the PRI show this year, the driver of the Willys hotrod was showing off against a modified, orange Mustang race car driven by Chris Hamilton, or "BoostedGT", from the tv show Street Outlaws. Normally, Mustangs are the butt of the joke when leaving car shows and crashing into crowds, but this time it was a vintage Willys that was showing off for bystanders, lost control, and flipped over onto the sidewalk after sliding up a support cable attached to a utility pole.

In the video, the Willys seems to be cruising slowly waiting for the tire-roasting Mustang to come upon it. Once the Hamilton passes in the Mustang, the Willys seems to step on it but can't seem to get it back under control resulting in the accident.

After the crash, plenty of bystanders ran over to help the pair, and they were able to push the car back onto its wheels. According to videos and photos circulating on social media, the couple in the vintage coupe walked away without injury. The Willys coupe could have been in worse shape as it only suffered a few dings, dents, and scratches.

This Willys appears to be packin' quite a bit of power massive large rear rubber, a ProCharger  windshield banner, and the sound it made when it was getting on the throttle. Willys are known for having an incredibly short wheelbase that makes it an unruly car to begin with, but go ahead and factor super cold temperatures in Indianapolis for a dangerous combination.

There's no doubt that when this Willys coupe gets all fixed up that the driver will be a bit more cautious when sending it outside of a car show. We can only imagine that it is quite embarrassing to be that person who loses control while showing off, but we are just glad that everybody walked away without major injury. Even the Willys coupe looks like it can be fixed pretty easily to bring it back to pre-accident condition.

H/T: The Drive


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