Fire Destroys Classic Car, Minibike Collection In NY

Sep 26, 2019 2 min read
Fire Destroys Classic Car, Minibike Collection In NY

Sadly, none of the vehicles were covered by insurance.

A fire ripped through a pole barn in Western New York destroying a collection of classic cars and minibikes and causing an estimated $170,000. According to a news report from WIVB, Hartland, NY resident Kevin House woke up early Tuesday morning and found smoke and fire billowing from his garage.

By the time the fire department arrived, most of the garage's contents had been damaged or destroyed including three classic cars, 20 "show bikes" and a pair of "four-by-fours." Check out the video below for the original news report.


The report shows three cars in the garage with one still being under a cover, another suffering some – but not devastating – damage and a third that is obviously a complete loss. Looking at the video, this third car appears to be a first-gen Chevrolet Camaro or Pontiac Firebird. Altogether, the owner says that his trio of classic cars was worth around $90,000.

Aside from the classic cars, the video also shows a massive collection of Rupp minibikes, which the owner says were worth about $2,000 each. Finally, the garage also housed two ATVs including a at least one side-by-side, and these were estimated to be worth around $5,000 each. Of course, this doesn't include damage to tools inside the garage – estimated to be around $40,000 – or the building itself. The owner seemed to have the perfect shop in which to work on his garages as evidenced by the tall roof and two-post lift.

Fire Destroys Classic Car, Scooter Collection In NY

Although the 30 x 40 foot garage is still standing, the roof and siding of the structure appear to have extensive damage. Despite the amount of damage caused by the fire, no people were injured or housing structures affected by the fire, but sadly, the only contents of the garage that were insured were the tools.


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