Film Car Casting Agency Flexes Vintage Muscles

Oct 21, 2019 2 min read
Film Car Casting Agency Flexes Vintage Muscles

Want to get your car into the movie business?

With the film industry booming in the Atlanta area, there’s a constant need for period-correct cars. Production companies have learned to rely on Y’allywood Film Cars, a casting company for automobiles. For automotive nuts, these rides are one of the big reasons to stay glued to the screen and hit pause, if you’re watching from home. This kind of auto eye candy might not be possible without this company.

Y’allywood Film Cars doesn’t own all the vehicles it promotes. Instead, it’s a booking agent, recruiting owners of a whole range of cars. The agency says it has automobiles dating all the way back to the 1920s, all of which are running and reliable. Some are in immaculate cosmetic condition, while others look more worn, so whatever feel filmmakers want they can achieve.

The most famous car from Y’allywood Film Cars, a white 1969 Plymouth Valiant, is the property of one of the agency’s owners, Beth Aylward. It was during filming of the Netflix series that the production crew gave this ride its nickname, Howdy. That same car has been used in numerous scenes, particularly in downtown Hawkins, Indiana as well as at the high school.

In season 3 of Stranger Things when the Starcourt Mall parking lot was shown brimming with vehicles, Aylward claims the vast majority were there through Y’allywood Film Cars’ efforts.

If you have a classic car or even one that’s more modern and want to have it featured in television shows or movies, feel free to contact Y’allywood Film Cars. Castings aren’t limited to just cars and trucks, since there’s a need for boats, military vehicles, campers, vintage fire trucks, motorcycles, and pretty much anything else you could imagine. While the agency is based in Atlanta, it does work in the surrounding region. There are similar agencies scattered around the United States if you’re still interested in making some extra cash and seeing your car on the big screen.

Source: Atlanta Magazine

Images credit: Facebook

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