Fear No Trails With These Off-Roaders

Apr 19, 2019 2 min read
Fear No Trails With These Off-Roaders

Check these off-road vehicles out!

Dan Kruse Classics brings us not one but two legendary off-roaders to take on your next outdoor adventure. Both are also in such fantastic shape they could be displayed in a museum, private collection, or be competitive in pretty much any show.

The first is an immaculate 1975 Ford Bronco Custom 4x4. With a bright red paint job and tons of tasteful brightwork, this one is a literal showstopper. The bed is in fantastic shape, so you can throw whatever gear you need to transport back there and not need to worry about getting it dirty. On the interior, chrome details, red panels, plus tan and red seats continue the genuine looks.

While this Bronco looks great, it also bucks like crazy, thanks to the Mustang 5.0-liter V8 working with a C4 automatic transmission. Of course, the four-wheel drive works, so you can handle all kinds of difficult conditions, should you desire.

With the return of the Bronco to the modern Ford lineup, interest in the classic SUV has never been higher. Pristine examples like this one should continue to appreciate in value, because they’re not exactly making any more these days.

The second classic off-roader is a 1975 Toyota FJ40. Painted a cool green with a white roof, grille, and spare wheel, this SUV was kind of the trail before SUVs were popular. Original front and rear bumpers, badging, and a split rear door complete the classic look. A black interior, roll bars, and bench jump seats in the rear make this Toyota ready to rumble. Both a hard and soft top come with this rig, so you can enjoy driving it in any kind of weather.

This FJ40 is one serious off-roader, thanks in part to the 4.2-liter 6 cylinder engine. You enjoy the ultimate in control while on the trail or road with a 4-speed manual transmission. Interest in the Toyota FJ40s has been steadily climbing over the last couple of decades and prices have also steadily increased, making this rig a great investment.

Source: Dan Kruse Classics

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