This Guy Owns The 1973 Lincoln Elvis Had Built By George Barris

Jun 11, 2019 2 min read
This Guy Owns The 1973 Lincoln Elvis Had Built By George Barris

This collection of vehicles once owned by Elvis Presley has to be seen to be believed...

As a man of good taste, YouTube influencer and barn find enthusiast Rockology is a huge Elvis fan. It remains well known that The King was an all-out gearhead, giving away hundreds of cars to complete strangers, alongside his entourage and family members. He practically kept General Motors afloat.

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Besides a well-documented love for Cadillacs, Presley took ownership of various Rolls-Royce, MG and Ferrari specimens. He even imported a BMW 507 from Germany, and a DeTomaso Pantera – of which he famously shot after one non-start too many. Or so the legend goes.

As such, there are lashings of collector cars out there claiming to have Elvis connections. Differentiating between the real thing and an imposter can prove tricky, something of which Rockology has gained experience doing. That’s why this Midwest discovery is so exciting, as amassed proof showcases certain cars in one collection are the real deal.


Not only have various vehicles in the warehouse personally belonged to Elvis, but others were previously owned by Jerry Lee Lewis, including a 1990 Lincoln sedan based on the President’s gifted example direct from the factory.

One of the first vehicles we are introduced to is Vernon Presley’s 1946 Ford, a car that remains in his name. The collector never changed the title across from Elvis’s father, who died in June 1979. The Ford had previously sat behind Graceland with Elvis’ various Cadillacs, before heading to auction in upper Mississippi, where the current vendor acquired the car in 1983.

The Ford’s history is a debated one, as some suspect that this was the sedan Vernon used to bring the family from Tupelo to Memphis. According to the owner, Vernon had sold the car on before Elvis enjoyed his big break. After the King found fame, an unknown individual brought the Ford up to the gate and asked if Vernon wished to buy it back.

While this seems to be embedded in Presley culture as truth, Rockology has uncovered further facts that throw uncertainty over the tale. Per Presley family documents, this Ford was purchased for Vernon to restore and flip, with Elvis fronting the cash. Either way, even if it’s not the original family wagon from Tupelo, it still has direct Elvis connections.

There is no question as to who owned the 1973 Lincoln MK IV, however. Elvis bought the Lincoln and drove it down the west coast before gifting the car to his close friend Pearl Schaefer. Yet, while the big cruiser is undoubtedly cool, it’s got nothing on the pride of the collection – the collector’s prized possession, and possibly the greatest Elvis car of all time; a 1969 Lincoln MkIII.

It’s got crushed diamonds in the paintwork, of which totals 40 coats of pearlescent white, alongside huge strips of 24 karat gold. There’s also bullet-proof tires, EP motifs on the wheel hubs, and a cabin-stalled TV. The coolest part? This was custom ordered by Elvis, and built by the legendary George Barris.

We could go on, but we’ll let the video do the remainder of the talking. Keep an eye out for the awesome bespoke, Elvis-commissioned '73 motorbike, too...

Source: Rockology

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