Dolph Lundgren Bought A Shelby Cobra MKIII

Sep 3, 2019 1 min read
Dolph Lundgren Bought A Shelby Cobra MKIII

It’s a replica, but most people are completely fooled.

When you’re a big time movie star, you get to have all the cool toys. And when you’re a has-been movie star, you get to go with some nice replicas. Dolph Lundgren, the Swedish actor who’s perhaps most famous for his role in the 1985 film Rocky IV, was recently spotted by the paparazzi driving a new Shelby Cobra. Red with white stripes, it’s the kind of car even non-car people will be impressed to see.


Anyone with a sharp, trained eye will immediately recognize this isn’t an original Cobra. While a replica, it’s one of the better ones out there. A small badge above the front fender vents gives away this is a Superformance build, more specifically the company’s Cobra MKIII.

The big thing that makes Superformance’s replicas look pretty authentic is they have obtained licensing from Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc. That means even the smallest details conform to the original roadster, like the telltale front fascia, driver-side roll hoop, and even the windshield shape. Because of these exacting details, people are understandably tricked into thinking this car is from the 1960s and is worth a small fortune.

These cars come as rolling chassis from Superformance. From there, owners can install an engine and transmission. Lundgren’s obviously has a manual and a snarling V8, which should be an automatic for any Cobra replica, but sadly isn’t always.

At 6’5”, it’s understandable why in the video you can hear paparazzi members asking if Lundgren is going to fit in the roadster. Cobras are surprisingly spacious when compared to many other roadsters, so the actor does indeed fit. What these people seem to not process is Lundgren got to the Palm in Beverly Hills using the car, so obviously he fits, although it’s obviously a tight squeeze. Still, these are the small sacrifices one makes to enjoy a purer driving experience.

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