Will This Dodge Demon Break $150K With Leake Auctions?

Feb 20, 2019 2 min read
Will This Dodge Demon Break $150K With Leake Auctions?

However, with spiraling prices on the second-hand market, how much will this example sell for on Saturday with Leake?

We are just going to come right out and say it. The Dodge Demon SRT Challenger boasts an unhinged demeanour that challenges all other muscle cars. An ultra-aggressive drag racer for the road, the Demon is no warmed-over run-out model. This all-American monster is faster than both the Bugatti Chiron and the Tesla P100D – for less than half the expense.

A standalone edition that can breach 60mph in only 2.3 seconds, upon launch Detroit’s Demon claimed the record as the world’s fastest production car over the quarter mile. Trouncing the likes of ultracars from both McLaren and Porsche, the Dodge posted an outrageously quick time of 9.65 seconds before topping out at 140mph.

Not quite content with these figures, the Demon also lays claim to providing the highest acceleration G-force of any production car. With 1.8G worth of grunt, the Demon can pop wheelies of almost 3ft without trying. Power is so outrageous that the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) has banned the vehicle from any of its member tracks.

Naturally, boasting over 840-horsepower (when running on Octane 100 fuel), you’re going to want one. But there is a cost. When new, the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon retailed at $84,995 – yet to buy one on the second-hand market commands a hefty extra premium.

If you want to purchase a Demon today, budget for at least $110,000. As demand outstrips supply, with only 3300 made and all of them sold, the market is braced for some eye-watering figures as collectors fall over themselves to acquire the best example.

If this source is anything to go by, people are already paying $550,000 for the lowest mileage cars. Which, although jaw-dropping, is still a mere fraction of the cost involved when hunting down a McLaren P1 – which is slower, and far less cool.

This begs the question: what final hammer price does the Demon muster at auction? This one sold for $148,500 during last year’s Fort Lauderdale auction with RM Sotheby’s. For the sheer grunt on offer, that’s a huge amount of car for the money.

Will This Dodge Demon Break $150K With Leake Auctions?

There’s another one coming up for auction, too, this time with Leake on February 23 (this Saturday!), with the black satin graphics package and heated/ventilated front leather seats. Its only covered 56 miles and comes with the SRT Track Package crate and Demon car cover.

Not to have skipped on the luxuries, this Demon has been specified with a Harman Kardon Greenedge Amplifier system optimizing 18 speakers for the ultimate sound, alongside the rear leather seat option with 60/40 split rear folding seats.

Painted in the pleasant sounding Destroyer Grey, we reckon that this Dodge Demon remains the star of Leake’s upcoming Oklahoma City auction. Get a closer look here.

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