1950 Mercury Custom Woody 1:18 Scale Diecast Restoration

Sep 8, 2019 2 min read
1950 Mercury Custom Woody 1:18 Scale Diecast Restoration

Cars are cool, no matter their size.

Restoring a barn find vehicle is a special activity, one that should be celebrated and cherished. While most people can easily acknowledge this with full-size cars, restoring diecasts might seem a little odd. At least it does until you want someone go through the process, like in the video below.


After sitting in a box somewhere dirty like a garage or attic, then something spilling on that box, this diecast Mercury doesn’t look so good. The paint is corroded and bubbling in different spots, making it necessary to strip and repaint. At least the car doesn’t have real wood panels which are warped or rotting, a problem that’s common with many old woodies.

Just like with a full-size car restoration, this guy has to combat rusty screws and other challenges. Still, persistence always pays off, as does experience, and he’s able to overcome the challenges.

Seeing someone refurbish a diecast car like this beautiful, hot-rodded 1:18 scale 1950 Mercury Custom Woody that has been neglected and obviously seen better days is quite satisfying. It starts off dirty and looking worse for wear. With some knowledgeable work, the car’s appearance begins to transform.

Watching videos of toy car restorations, whether they’re diecast or something else, is actually quite entertaining and even relaxing. If you haven’t taken the time to watch any before, this is an interesting one to get you started.

Of course, toy car projects are quick and simple compared to restoring a real-life car, a process which can also be satisfying but is much more difficult to portray in one single video. Unfortunately, this restoration is a little more complex than on most diecasts, so Diecast Resurrection wasn’t able to show it all in a single video. Still, we get to behold enough of the process to know the end product is going to be amazing, just like always.

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