1969 Dodge Super Bee Comes With Ramcharger

Sep 8, 2019 2 min read
1969 Dodge Super Bee Comes With Ramcharger

You won’t soon forget the feeling of driving this car.

While there are some tributes out there, this 1969 Dodge Super Bee is the real thing. It rolled off the factory line red and with the Ramcharger engine, both of which are depicted in glorious fashion. Restoration work on this muscle car was thorough, so the result is something highly presentable.

Those hood scoops you see are functional, connecting to a big oval air cleaner which feeds the super-cool 440ci Ramcharger V8. Everything runs great, thanks to a new distributor and wires, plus a new alternator. The hoses, belts, clutch fan and its shroud all look new as well. With the engine compartment painted to match the body, while the block, valve covers, and air cleaner are painted a nice orange.

If you inspect the body, it’s straight and without major blemishes. What’s more, the paint has been polished to a mirror-like finish, matching the bumpers and grille. That iconic rear Bumble Bee stripe looks excellent, while the vinyl top has a glossy finish. Scoops on the sides and hood are in great shape, while the Magnum 500 billet aluminum wheels put a more modern twist on the car.

The black interior looks great throughout, complete with front bucket seats and a buddy armrest. You can fold up that armrest for a bench seat, which is nice when you’re in need of transporting one more person than normal. Upholstery, carpeting, and headliner are all in good condition. Almost impossible to find these days, this car comes with the factory AM/FM radio. As a nice bonus, the floor mats come with the Super Bee logo embroidered into them.

With Plymouth raking in success with the Road Runner, Dodge decided to get in on the action with the Super Bee. Based on the Coronet, the car leveraged the Dodge Scat Pack for greater performance. The 1969 model year brought about a few changes, including the rear bumble bee stripe plus Scat Pack badges. This was an important budget-friendly option during the American muscle car wars. If you’re interested in adding this muscle car to your collection, contact the Volo Auto Museum for details.

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