Take The Whole Family Off-Road In This Custom Toyota FJ45 Troopy

Jun 4, 2019 2 min read
Take The Whole Family Off-Road In This Custom Toyota FJ45 Troopy

Built to take 8 adults off the beaten track, this 4x4 is a rugged people mover.

Heading off the beaten track can be a great adventure, especially when exploring a path rarely taken by other vehicles. That said, if you want to get home again, you’ll need something capable of the challenges Mother Nature might have in store. This highly modified Toyota FJ45 Troopy looks like it could be fun for all of the family.

The Toyota Land Cruiser sits amongst the best off-roaders out there, but there’s always room for improvement. This 1977 Troopy was originally design to carry people and cargo through some seriously tough terrain, but that was a long time ago. It only take one glance of this grey behemoth to see that its restomod process has afforded it even great off-road credentials.

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This extensively enhanced FJ45 Troopy is equipped to climb every mountain thanks to HD suspension with 4-inches of lift, not to mention those monster mud tires wrapped around 17-inch black alloy wheels. A custom exoskeleton cage not only gives the truck a more rugged look, but serves to protect should the worst happen. No doubt you’ve also noticed the heavy duty winch on its nose — arguably the greatest asset to have when tackling serious terrain.

The big advantage of being a Troopy is all of the additional space available. This FJ45’s builders have stripped the interior and created an 8-seat layout, meaning that a whole party of friends can enjoy the 4x4 experience. What about the lack of windows? Don’t worry, the whole vehicle has been waterproofed — however, it does appear to lack a snorkel for deep water wading.

Under the hood you’ll find this FJ’s original green paintwork and six-cylinder engine. A manual transmission, equipped with high and low range, links to a rugged all-wheel drive layout to maximize traction.

Price is upon appointment for this custom Troopy that’s sure to look even better with a little mud on it.

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