Learn How A Corvette Van Did A Lap Around America

Aug 28, 2019 2 min read
Learn How A Corvette Van Did A Lap Around America

Yes, this was an actual thing and it was epic.

If there’s one thing the car community is good for, it’s laughs. We know how to cut loose and have a good time while getting out and seeing the sights. That’s what the story below about a group of friends quickly modifying a van to look like a Corvette, then entering it into the One Lap of America event is all about. It’s crazy, amazing, and something everyone who participated will forever remember.


Thanks to the outlaw nature of the Cannonball runs, the One Lap of America was instituted. It wasn’t a race, but instead was all about going the distance around the continental United States, as if the outskirts of the country were a track. The 8,800-mile journey was grueling for cars and drivers alike, but this strange van disguised as a ‘Vette did it.

Everyone’s gone on a crazy road trip with friends. It’s a rite of passage, something you need to do at least once to pass into the ranks of adulthood. Where you go is only mildly interesting, since the journey itself and the things that happen along the way are what really matter.

In this story, you have a little bit of everything: falling asleep at the wheel in the middle of nowhere in Texas, drivers forgetting to mention they can’t be behind the wheel at night, smoke pouring out of the van suddenly, and conversing with other drivers at close range while going highway speeds.

For anyone who hasn’t taken an interesting vehicle, loaded up a bunch of friends, and headed out on an adventure, you really should try it. Even if the car breaks down or you’re going somewhere boring, the memories you forge from stopping at interesting places, doing off-the-wall-things, and in general being confined to the same vehicle for hours or days on end is worth any bit of sacrifice.

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