Add Twist To Your Life With A 1972 Plymouth ‘Cuda

Aug 28, 2019 1 min read
Add Twist To Your Life With A 1972 Plymouth ‘Cuda

Driving this muscle car will spice up any trip.

Having a car that leaves onlookers staring slack-jawed can be pretty amazing. Bathed in a bright coat of Lemon Twist, this 1972 Plymouth ‘Cuda makes a strong statement. This is the kind of car that will get you noticed and then some. It marks the twilight years of a Mopar legend properly, and you could become the next owner.

Continuing that aggressive statement is the factory-optional twin-scoop hood, adding a menacing look to this American muscle car. The black stripes accentuate the flowing design of this ‘Cuda, while the black vinyl top isn’t faded or cracking. Simple wheels and minimal brightwork don’t detract from the rest of the exterior, keeping your eyes focused no that magnetic paint.

If you walk to the rear of this car, the fun continues with a black back panel. Dual exhaust pipes are integrated into the valance, adding a motorsports flair.

Driving this car makes you feel free. The 340ci V8 hits hard and the 3-speed automatic transmission allows you to just cruise without a care in the world. Really mash on the gas pedal to burn plenty of rubber, or just harness all that power to pass other cars on the freeway without much effort.

Originally introduced for 1964, the fourth and final generation of the Plymouth Barracuda launched in 1972 and lasted only until 1974. The ‘Cuda was of course the more performance-oriented version of the muscle car. For 1972, Plymouth sold 18,450 Barracudas, surprising many that the model was able to maintain sales after the heyday of American muscle. However, out of those many didn’t survive, so finding one today requires some hunting. This example has been well-preserved, allowing you to capture all that was cool in the early 70s.

This Plymouth is available to purchase through Art & Speed Classic Car Gallery.

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