Five Rare JDM Classic Toyotas Surface On Craigslist

Mar 7, 2019 2 min read
Five Rare JDM Classic Toyotas Surface On Craigslist

You can start your own collection of classic Toyota project cars from this one Craigslist advert!

In the US, there has always been a love for classic muscle cars and high-end luxury. Vintage automobiles also enjoy a wildly popular following. However, there's a certain niche of car that's nearly extinct – those incredibly reliable imports that effortlessly supported American families without protest. Retro vehicles such as Toyota's Corona and Cressida models.

Fans of JDM's (Japanese Domestic Market) lesser-sung heroes have enjoyed a resurgence of appreciation over the last couple of years. Once viewed with apathy and largely ignored by collectors, there's now a growing interest in old-school Japanese vehicles. There is a problem though. Recycled in eye-watering numbers over the last few decades, finding an unmolested example can take time.

While modern-day Toyotas are dime a dozen on auction and classified sites, it's rare to find prior models in decent condition. Although, that said, 13 days ago one enthusiast posted their collection of classic Toyotas for sale online. In a move that seems too good to be true, amongst the cars listed are a 1975 Toyota Corolla SR5, a 1975 Toyota Celica Coupe, a 1978 Toyota Celica GT Liftback, a 1978 Cressida, and a 1980 Toyota Cressida.

5 Classic Toyotas For Sale On Craigslist

All of the cars are located in Vegas and seem to be in fair condition. The advert claims that four of the Toyotas have received considerable repair work, while three of them include parts needed for repair. All except the Corolla SR5, which is a very rare parts car, have a clean title.

The first Toyota sold in America was a 1957 Toyopet Crown, a car that would inspire the creation of the mid-sized Corona and Cressida models. By the 1960s, there was a growing market for sportier cars and Toyota stepped up with the Corolla and Celica. These four were the models that, despite high tariffs on imports to the US, made a name for Toyota on US soil.

Regardless of whether you prefer the rumble of American Muscle over humble imports, the role these cars played in automotive history is undeniable. With these five rare Toyotas now available at such an incredible price, some lucky enthusiast is bound to celebrate that history.

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