Roll Over All The Cars With A Chevy Astro Van Custom 4X4

Sep 9, 2019 2 min read
Roll Over All The Cars With A Chevy Astro Van Custom 4X4

This is the true swagger wagon.

Normally a 1990 Chevrolet Astro Van isn’t something you would normally get worked up over, but the custom work done on this one is beyond cool. This ride was a build for SEMA back in 2005, which is why it has a combination of impressive aesthetic flair and mechanical prowess. Now this high roller could be parked in your driveway, making you the envy of the neighborhood.

Roll Over All The Cars With A Chevy Astro Van Custom 4X4

A huge lift makes this an Astro Van you just can’t ignore. Big knobby tires make it clear this vehicle has some serious capabilities and isn’t just messing around. There are far too many suspension modifications done to this Chevy, but as you can clearly see it was built for strength and intimidation.

Making sure nobody could miss this jacked-up van, the Prowler Orange exterior teams with Corvette Purple flames and PPG Hot Lime accents from nose to tail. Brightwork abounds on the bumpers, wheels, grille, and yes plenty of the suspension components since you can see those in clear view. The structural cage for the lift and other exposed parts are powder coated or painted to match the body. All this makes this build that much flashier, shocking and awing all who behold it. Adding further to the custom appearance are headlights tucked behind the grille, allowing the nose to have a uniquely clean look.

What you might not be expecting is a built 355ci V8 shoved under the hood. It does an excellent job of getting this monster van moving, especially when you want to show off those tires powering through deep mud or maybe crushing a clunker or two.

Even the interior has plenty of customizations, like embossed flames for the door panels, including on the rear barn doors, plus the headliner. Flame-themed steering wheel and rearview mirror are just plain wild, while the front bucket seats and rear bench have a two-tone upholstery which looks similar to burlap.

Guaranteed you’re not going to run across another Chevy Astro Van like this one. If you’re interested in adding something completely unique to your collection, contact Streetside Classics and see what you can work out.

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