Cloudy With A Chance Of Patina? This Chevy 3100 Ticks The Boxes

Mar 23, 2019 2 min read
Cloudy With A Chance Of Patina? This Chevy 3100 Ticks The Boxes

This 1954 Advanced Design Chevrolet is rarer than you might think, and despite some upgrades remains largely original

If patina is your idea of ecstasy then what we have here might be right what you need for your weekly trip to Target.

During the fifties pickups became all the rage. The trends slowly shifting towards consumer focused vehicles it was the beginning of the trucking boom.

Whilst most people focus predominantly on the Ford derivatives as their F series would soon become the most sold vehicle in America for all eternity, Chevrolet was trying their hand at it all, and made some rather good vehicles whilst at it.

The example here is quite a rare beast, and often forgotten. As the successor to the AK series pickups, what we have here is the 3100 Advance Design.

This particular example hosts some interesting design differentials over the rest of the models eight year long existence, such as the bullnose grille and the bed which hosts horizontal edges rather than diagonals.

Manufactured in 1954 this is the penultimate year of production for the aging 3100 before the Task Force series replaced it. That said, this is no ordinary example.

With a patina only the sands of time can spin up, this one features what appears to be most of its original features. Most notably the 235 cubic inch inline six motor. Despite appearing insignificant, the engine in this saw its origins as early as 1929, and was Chevrolet’s only offering until the 1950’s. In fact, its basic design saw use right the way up to 1998 in all manner of GM vehicles.

Other differences over previous years include a revised dashboard, single pane windscreen and a new steering wheel design amongst other subtleties.

The previous owner has made some light amendments to the original desing by adding some beefy Torq Thrust style wheels along with a new steering wheel and some rather bizarre Farmall door cards, that looks to be pressed metal.

For more information on this Chevrolet visit the Motorious classifieds.

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