Vintage Footage Of The CCCA's 1957 Milwaukee CARavan

Dec 25, 2019 2 min read
Vintage Footage Of The CCCA's 1957 Milwaukee CARavan

This video probably has more vintage cars than you'll be able to name!

The Classic Car Club of America celebrates the heyday of automotive design, and one way the club does that is with a convoy of vintage cars, the CCCA's CARavan. Even back in 1957, the CCCA could see the value of honoring and celebrating pre-war cars, and that's exactly what took place in the 1957 CARavan from New York to Milwaukee. Best of all, it was all caught on tape in this vintage video!


In an era ruled by fins and lots of chrome, the CCCA's 1957 Milwaukee CARavan featured a lot pre-war cars, most notably the beautiful art deco cars. There are iconic Packards and Studebakers as well as Fords and Chevrolets, but no matter what car the camera pans to, the occupants are smiling and waving.

From what we can tell of the landmarks, it looks like this CARavan started in New York before stopping at Niagara Falls, driving through Canada and Michigan and then ferrying across Lake Michigan through Ludington, Michigan. In addition to sightseeing, the group stopped along the way for family picnics and were given police escorts through some of the small towns. Such a drive would certainly be fun today let alone 62 years ago in a procession of amazing automobiles.

The coolest part is that the CCCA still regularly puts on these CARavan adventures. Who knows how long it took in the 1957 CARavan to get to Milwaukee, but in May 2013, a group of vintage cars drove from New York to San Francisco in about three weeks – taking the back roads, of course! This year, there were two weeklong CARavan events: one in New York's Lower Hudson Valley and another in the Pacific Northwest.

We can only imagine how fun this must have been to take part in back in 1957, and it's great to see this event still going strong today.


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