Barrett-Jackson Promotes Family Time At Northeast Auction

Jun 4, 2019 2 min read
Barrett-Jackson Promotes Family Time At Northeast Auction

If you've been trying to get your kids involved in the world of the automobile, now is your chance!

When the 4th Annual Northeast Barrett-Jackson Auction kicked off, they will host a special family event. The Shell Family Day powered by Pennzoil will promote bringing the kids out to get them involved in automotive events as well. Featuring an exclusive sneak peek of more than 500 collectibles before they hit the auction block, this day is free to high school students and younger.

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“Shell Family Day will set the perfect tone for our Northeast Auction,” said Craig Jackson, CEO and chairman of Barrett-Jackson. “In addition to the hundreds of collector cars and automobilia pieces on display, we’ll have many exciting activities planned for our guests. We especially want to encourage the next generation of car enthusiasts and collectors with fun, interactive learning exhibits. The TechForce STEM Center will do just that with hands-on activities designed to inspire today’s youth and give them a taste of the incredible opportunities available to them in our industry.”

Remaining open throughout the whole auction, the TechForce STEM Center is a massive exhibition with hands-on activities that teach younger enthusiasts about the technology behind the automobile.

“Rather than show students automotive displays they can’t touch, we want them to give them a hands-on learning experience,” said Jennifer Maher, CEO of TechForce Foundation. “Our future workforce comprises tactile learners, which means they learn by doing. Our STEM Center will feature a number of stations designed to let students fidget with engines, pretend they’re changing a tire in a NASCAR pit, learn how to compare and contrast friction, resistance, weight and velocity in order to understand the laws of physics and how they relate to the automobile, and more. We are excited to give students the chance to immerse themselves in this exciting automotive world.”

One very interesting car that will be on display is the SEMA Show Car Volvo V06 we covered in the news recently. There’s all kinds of other opportunities during the Family Day, like ride alongs, and hands on demonstrations.

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