8 Classic Cars Your Should Definitely Consider As Investments

Sep 30, 2019 5 min read
8 Classic Cars Your Should Definitely Consider As Investments

Want some solid investments sitting in your garage?

You’re probably already aware that certain car models appreciate big time in value. We hear news of these amazing investments all the time, especially in a barn find situation where a vehicle has been treated like junk, when in fact it might be worth more than the average home.

While you could treasure a Dodge Neon you’ve owned since it was new, you’re probably not going to see the kind of appreciation in value you would with other cars. There are numerous factors which affect what vehicles are worth now and in the future, which can admittedly make predicting what will be valuable later difficult.

However, just like with basic economics, much of this boils down to supply and demand. The more limited the production numbers, and the more people who greatly desire a car, the more prices will increase in the future. Some classic vehicles are so iconic, they’re essentially sure shots when it comes to using them as investments. While there’s always a risk, any of the following cars are ones you should seriously consider adding to your collection.

Ford Mustang

You might think this pony car is a favorite just with Americans, but you’d be wrong. Ford has demonstrated the Mustang has real global appeal, and that’s helped fuel increasing values for older models. While a first-generation Ford Mustang is a great car to add to your stall, don’t pass on some of the newer generations. People are getting nostalgic about the Fox Body Mustangs and we’re even seeing an uptick in prices for certain SN95 models.

8 Classic Cars Your Should Definitely Consider As Investments

Land Rover Defender

From the other side of the pond, the Land Rover Defender has a diehard, almost cult-like following. People love the rugged off-road capabilities of these rigs, as well as the old-school design and look. The fact they’re easy to fix and maintain, thanks to simplistic design, is another big plus. With the second generation of the Defender set to hit the market soon, interest in first-gen models will be high.

8 Classic Cars Your Should Definitely Consider As Investments

Acura NSX

When Honda revealed the NSX (which was sold under the Acura banner in North America) people were shocked. A company known for making boxy economy cars, motorcycles, and lawn mowers had created a beautiful, sleek, and highly advanced two-seater, mid-engine supercar which the average person understandably might confuse for a Ferrari. You can find some first-generation Acura NSX models for decent prices, but expect that to not be the case as time wears on.

8 Classic Cars Your Should Definitely Consider As Investments

Jaguar E-Type

It’s been called the most beautiful production car ever, and it’s definitely very much desirable today, which is why a Jaguar E-Type is a solid investment. With a long hood, sweeping body lines, and a luxurious interior, there’s much to love about these British classics. Also called the Jaguar XKE, if you find one which needs some work, there’s some serious money to be made in the process as immaculate examples fetch extremely high prices.

8 Classic Cars Your Should Definitely Consider As Investments

BMW M3 E30

A legend among enthusiasts, finding a BMW M3 E30 can be difficult, but it’s well worth the effort. This particular generation of the M3 had a low production run at under 20,000 units and less than 5,000 of those came to the United States. The M3 E30 has been praised for its balanced handling and thrilling throttle response, among other performance attributes. It’s a driver’s car through and through, having been developed for motorsports. If you can track one down, holding onto it could prove to be quite the lucrative move.

8 Classic Cars Your Should Definitely Consider As Investments

Porsche 911

Easily the most recognizable Porsche ever made, the Porsche 911 took on a life of its own as enthusiasts flocked to the car in droves when it first debuted. Originally the German automaker was going to phase out the 911, but it couldn’t afford to do so because of strong demand for the 2+2. If you can grab an air-cooled model, which are from the 1998 and earlier model years, those are highly sought after. Still, you could get literally any 911 and pretty much bank on it being worth more in the future.

8 Classic Cars Your Should Definitely Consider As Investments

Fiat 500

Small and practical, the Fiat 500 helped people in post-war Italy get around economically. They’re full of quirky details and very Italian styling, which adds to the charm of classic models. People will gladly part with increasing amounts of cash to buy well-restored models, making the work of getting one which needs some TLC worth the effort. While it remains to be seen, so far the current Fiat 500 generation isn’t getting the same kind of love, which is why it’s set to be axed from the lineup here next year.

8 Classic Cars Your Should Definitely Consider As Investments

Mercedes-Benz SL500

While the form of the Mercedes-Benz SL500 has changed in many ways since it first debuted in 1954, its reputation as an enjoyable and solid two-seater GT is a thing of legend. SL stands for “Super-Leicht” in German, which translated means “Super Light.” They handle solidly and offer plenty of comfort, but these cars are not overweight by any means, making them wonderful to drive. Gullwing models fetch a pretty penny, but if you can snatch up a more modern SL500 for a reasonable price, you could see a big upswing later.

Source: Business Insider

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