It’s Haunting How Much This 275K 2010 Callway Corvette Will Set You Back

Oct 31, 2019 2 min read
It’s Haunting How Much This 275K 2010 Callway Corvette Is Listed For

But may be suggest an alternative…

This might be case of looking at this car through the ‘eye of the beholder’, and the value is ultimately based on what the car is worth to the buyer, but when this Callaway Corvette came up for sell knocking at the door of 300K miles, for $50K, we had to sit down. The car in question is a 2010 Callaway SC606 Grand Sport Corvette development car, and while its a great testament to the strength of these builds, it’s hard to imagine coughing up the money to bring it home - especially with a similar car in our inventory with 125K less miles and much cheaper.

Callaway Cars is a company that made its name for designing, manufacturing, and installing high-performance parts since 1977. They offer amazing performance packages from GM cars, most famously for Corvettes, and also offer support to race teams.

It’s Haunting How Much This 275K 2010 Callway Corvette Is Listed For

Part of their process is to use certain cars to test their setups and different parts - these development vehicles serve as test mules for packages and builds that are eventually available to the public. This particular car is an example of that, and has served as such for an astonishing 275K miles, and now you can own it for $49K.

If you’re not scared of owning a car with so many miles, there are some highlights to the Crystal Red Metallic Corvette. It is said to be the first supercharged Grand Sport, and has a VIN that reflects it was part of an early batch of production cars. The car is equipped with the top 3LT package, and is powered by a blown 6.2-liter engine that’s backed by a six-speed manual transmission.

It’s Haunting How Much This 275K 2010 Callway Corvette Is Listed For

Along with the added TVS2300 supercharger, Callaway has equipped this car with a liquid to air intercooler, high-performance fuel injectors, upgraded Callaway intake, performance exhaust, bucket seats, Callaway aero package, short throw shifter, suspension package, and Callaway badging.

It’s been meticulously maintained by the company, and has far surpassed the endurance test, with no issues to report. This car will likely have more appeal as a collectible than something you’d want to continue to put miles on.

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