22,000 miles From South Africa To Ireland In a Step Nose Alfa

Apr 7, 2019 2 min read
Alfa Romeo 105 Stepnose

Jethro Bronner restored this stunning Alfa Romeo 105 and drove it through 25 countries from Dargle to Dargle

Ask any car guy or girl about their idea of a road trip, and anyone who isn’t even remotely interested will be hanging onto every romantic road. Since their inception, cars provide a way of learning all manner of things whether its engineering related, travel inspired, or simply a journey of discovery for the heart and mind.

Having a team of people who have been on all manner of road trips, at Motorious we can attest to the wellbeing and pure ecstasy that an open road in your favorite car can provide, even if it’s with an Austin Maestro in the Kazakh Steppe.

Young Alfa Romeo fanatic, Jethro Bronner, shares his tantalizing journey from Dargle in South Africa to Dargle in Northern Ireland via YouTuber Praemio.


His dream was to undertake a task so dangerous and so difficult, that once through on the other side, any toxicity within his psyche would have been washed away through the journey. Road trips have a magical way of doing just that, and Bronner had an idea.

From a young age he had always enjoyed tinkering with the spanners, and at the age of 18 he took his first plunge into Alfa Romeo ownership, and hasn’t resurfaced since. His first foray into the world of Italy was a 916 GTV, which was quickly followed by his dream car; a Stepnose Alfa 105.

Whilst at university he worked part time at an Alfa Romeo specialist and acquired a car that required building from the ground up. Over a two year period he managed to realise his dream, and the Stepnose Alfa from his dreams was laying before him.

Alfa Romeo 105 Stepnose Dargle to Dargle

Despite most offering larger tires and rally-esque equipment, Bronner decided to undertake this gargantuan challenge with skinny tires and OEM wheels with no other modifications to speak of aside from a USB charger and larger fuel tank. The justification for this madness? He wanted to prove that this challenge could be undertaken in a factory specified car, and an old Alfa Romeo at that.

Over the course of the nine months that followed, he endured true hardships and experiences that money alone simply cannot buy. Having to figure out your survival plan if something goes wrong in the desert with no water source for miles around is a true test of one’s mettle.

With 25 countries and 22,000 brutal miles under its belt, the Alfa survived and a bond for life created in its midst. A story of inspiration, foolhardiness and humbleness; Bronner we salute you.

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