Feel The Rush Of A 2015 BAC Mono

Oct 16, 2019 2 min read
Feel The Rush Of A 2015 BAC Mono

This single-seater car is a pure automotive experience.

Regular cars enclose you in a case of steel, aluminum, glass, and maybe plastic. While that might feel safe, it cushions you against the pure exhilaration of hard acceleration. With this 2015 BAC (Briggs Automotive Company) Mono that’s not the case. With no windshield and a single centered seat, this car is all about enjoying the thrill of driving hard. While it’s great to admire, you could actually be driving this vehicle in the near future, because RAND Luxury is auctioning it off.

Feel The Rush Of A 2015 BAC Mono

There’s a lot going on to indicate this Mono is built for serious drivers. While portions are painted Black, the lower panels are just exposed carbon fiber, indicating a lightweight construction was prioritized in the creation of this machine. Underneath is a steel chassis and FIA-compliant rollover structure, so this ride is ready to hit the track and be flogged hard. In fact, the engineering of this vehicle was inspired heavily by DTM race cars.

Nestled behind that single seat is a high-strung 2.5-liter inline-four Cosworth engine. At a howling 8000 rpm it whips out 305-horsepower, more than enough to rocket this 1,190-pound Mono forward at a breakneck pace. In fact, it does 0-60 mph in just 2.8 seconds and can hit 170 mph on a track. All that is directed to the Kumho V70A road tires. Talk about rip-roaring fun!

To help with smooth gear transitions, and because there isn’t much room in the driver’s cockpit for a stick, this BAC Mono has an F3-specification six-speed sequential transmission created by Hewland. The design of this semi-automatic means gear shifts take 35 milliseconds.

This vehicle hugs turns, thanks to a low center of gravity and the wheels pushed to the corners. Because the engine is mounted longitudinally, the balance of weight is maintained more in the center of the car, which further helps with handling. Included is a fully-adjustable pushrod suspension that uses damping elements from SACHS Racing. As for the brakes, they were developed by AP Racing, so you’re getting a real track-worthy experience.

While the rear portion of the car is pretty much open, the front is fleshed out and acts as a crumple zone in case of a collision. There’s a small frunk for stashing a few items for your day at the track, like a helmet.

If you want to register to bid on this 2015 BAC Mono, you can do so through RAND Luxury.

RAND Luxury has plenty of other amazing cars headed to the auction block as well, if you want to look them over in the online listings.

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