Own This Mean Green And 440 Six-Pack Powered 1970 Cuda

Nov 25, 2019 2 min read
Own This Mean Green And 440 Six-Pack Powered 1970 Cuda

1970 Cuda 440 Six-Pack is the real deal!

Mopar found its place in the muscle car era, creating some of the baddest street machines of the day. With large displacement powerhouses, muscular styling, and a color scheme only Mopar could pull off, the Dodge and Plymouth lineup gave Ford and GM competitors a run for their money. Sadly though, higher fuel prices and insurance costs of the ‘70s killed the market for these rowdy gas guzzlers and Mopar pulled production of most of their muscle cars. One of the casualties of the market was unfortunately the Plymouth Barracuda.

Originally based on the Valiant, the Barracuda didn’t really make its mark as a heavy hitter in the muscle car era until the late ‘60s. However, in 1970 Plymouth hit the nail on the head with a completely redesigned chassis, body, and massive engine options. The newly redesigned car shared a platform with the Dodge Challenger, but with a shorter wheelbase and a completely different body. One of the higher horsepower engine options for the E-body was the epic 440 cubic inch Super Commando Six-Pack putting out a massive 390-horsepower.

Here’s You Change To Own The Perfect ‘Cuda

While the production of the Barracuda was short, with only 3 generations spreading over ten years, it was exciting while it lasted. With roaring big block power screaming down the road making the bright paint blur, there was nothing quite like it The incredible styling, powerful options, and rather limited production makes these cars highly collectable and very valuable today.

Here’s You Change To Own The Perfect ‘Cuda

Bringing you the opportunity to experience the perfect ‘Cuda for yourself, Classic Cars Of Sarasota is now offering a 1970 Cuda 440 Six-Pack in Sublime Green. This ‘Cuda underwent a well documented full restoration to bring the all numbers matching car back to its original condition. Listed at only $124,500, it would be very hard to find a better deal or a better car.

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