Relive Glory On A 1965 Honda Sport 50

Nov 25, 2019 2 min read
Relive Glory On A 1965 Honda Sport 50

This is the bike which helped to start a revolution.

Back in the 1960s Honda helped spearhead a movement to change how Americans viewed motorcycles. Since WWII bikes had become larger, louder, and brash symbols of rebellion. This 1965 Honda Sport 50 is the exact opposite, being an approachable and efficient bike pretty much anyone can easily learn to handle. Thanks to The Vault, you can help preserve this important piece of history for future generations.

Relive Glory On A 1965 Honda Sport 50

While there’s no clear indication either way, this Honda could be wearing its original white paint. It’s not perfect, with some notable damage on the forks, fenders, and other places, but it has a nice shine for the age of this bike. A little bit of elbow grease should correct whatever is wrong, making for an exceptional presentation. In addition, the chrome treatments on the gas tank, handlebars, headlight surround, etc. have a nice shine.

You’ll note the saddle is free of cracking and other damage which often is found on old leather, although the Honda logo on the rear is mostly worn off. Factory badging and the wire-spoke wheels look to be in good condition as well.

One of the most beautiful things about this motorcycle is its simplicity. For example, the single gauge provides the bike’s speed and odometer reading without confusion. A mirror attached to the left handlebar provides excellent rearward visibility and preserves the vintage look of this ride.

According to the seller, this Honda will crank and the engine will run, but it needs starting fluid for that. It’s assumed this means the carburetor at minimum needs to be cleaned, if not rebuilt/replaced so the motorcycle will fire up and run smoothly. In addition, a battery is needed. Those are two fairly simple fixes, so after addressing them you’ll have a great vintage Honda bike to run around town and have some fun adventures.

Contact The Vault with any questions you have about this Honda and to get more details on the purchase process. Also, keep in mind the company offers an array of services, including restoration and appraisals. If you would like to see the other vehicles in their inventory, see them out here.

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