Take On Nature With A 1969 Ford Bronco Recreation

Dec 2, 2019 2 min read
Take On Nature With A 1969 Ford Bronco Recreation

Vintage looks meet modern performance.

There’s no denying that first-generation Ford Broncos are hot property these days. That alone makes this 1969 Ford Bronco H&H Recreation being offered for sale through Central Classic Cars compelling. It gives you the classic off-roader look everyone loves, combined with all the modern performance and conveniences you really want.

Take On Nature With A 1969 Ford Bronco Recreation

This is a hand-built, limited-production vehicle you won’t just find at any car lot. H&H Performance has a solid reputation for creating some of the best-crafted Bronco builds out there. Each one is assembled by skilled craftsmen in central Pennsylvania, and they take pride in their work. If you look this truck over from front to back, top to bottom, you’ll find even the finest details have been addressed with a level of precision that’s just not found on many vehicles today.

Not only is this a high-quality build, this Bronco was produced in cooperation with the Keystone Elk Country Alliance or KECA. Only 25 KECA Limited Broncos are being produced, so they’re instantaneous collectors’ items. It’s also a way to help preserve the wild elk population and other natural resources.

Several details indicate this Ford Bronco was built for serious off-roading. Steel bumpers and rock rails can take hits and not show the damage, plus heavy D-rings mounted to the bumpers are ideal for recoveries on the trail. A winch is bolted to the front bumper, while a farm jack and recovery shovel are mounted to the rear portions of the roll cage. Auxiliary A-pillar lights and a two-row LED light bar mounted to the roof help greatly with visibility when you’re far away from city lights.

Contrasting nicely with the brown body is a cream interior. You’ll find it abounds in comforts along with vintage touches, making for a unique and pleasant experience no matter where adventure takes you. You also get a Ford Coyote V8 engine for loads of reliable power.

If you’re interested in finding out more information about this Bronco, contact Central Classic Cars. The company has a nice variety of vehicles for sale, plus it offers a car locator service if you’re in search of something specific. You can also sell a car you have right now, liquidating your asset quickly.

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