Ringbrothers Showing Off 1965 Ballistic Mustang

Nov 20, 2019 2 min read
Ringbrothers Showing Off 1965 Ballistic Mustang

It’s for sale, too.

Using the Riyadh Car Show to display the 1965 Ballistic Mustang, Ringbrothers is looking to generate interest in the muscle car and scare up a new owner. Created for the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, this modified Ford convertible boasts good looks and more.

Ringbrothers Showing Off 1965 Ballistic Mustang

This is actually the first widebody convertible Ford Mustang Ringbrothers has made, so that’s a nice feather in the cap of whoever ends up buying it. At first glance you might not notice this ride has a wider stance, thanks to the simplified lines and smooth coat of custom BASF Glasurit paint called “Blu By U.” A black soft top is perfect for when you don’t want the wind whistling through your hair, plus it greatly changes the look of the car when up. Various carbon-fiber bits complement the paint nicely. The custom forged HRE Performance Wheels help pull everything together with a classic 5-spoke layout.

In true Ringbrothers fashion, the interior of this car features plenty of custom billet parts, including the parking brake lever, shifter, turn signal stalk, and surround pieces for the modern sound system. Upholstery Unlimited custom seats help soften up the space. Classic Instruments gauges and a Vintage Air system provide that classic vibe, while offering some modern conveniences.

What really makes this car a lot of fun is the supercharged 5.8-lilter V8 donated by a Shelby GT500, so this car has far more power than back in the day. Thanks to the custom stainless steel exhaust system and Flowmaster Mufflers this ride sounds appropriately aggressive. A Bowler-built Tremec T-56 Magnum six-speed manual transmission is bolted up to that beastly engine with a Centerforce clutch helping out. Also beefing up the car’s driveline is a QA1 driveshaft and 9-inch Ford-style rear made by John’s Industries.

Held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from November 21 through 26, the Riyadh Car Show has an impressive range of vehicles. This is one of six Ringbrothers cars which will be on display at the show, the most the Wisconsin-based builder has had at an event. All six are available to purchase, so they’re not just for looking, although you can certainly enjoy doing that.

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