Survivor 1979 Ford Bronco Selling For Under $16K

Nov 20, 2019 2 min read
Survivor 1979 Ford Bronco Selling For Under $16K

Get this off-roader before it rides off into the sunset with someone else.

There’s no denying that classic Ford Broncos are becoming increasingly hot, especially with the reveal of an all-new Bronco looming. This factor makes this 1979 Ford Bronco even more amazing. It’s a true survivor, having never been restored yet looking quite nice for its age. Used in Montana, this Ford must have been cared for well enough, because there’s little in the way of rust and overall damage. Listed for just $15,900 this is the budget-friendly classic you might be seeking.

Survivor 1979 Ford Bronco Selling For Under $16K

Wearing a well-earned patina, the Brown paint is quite appropriate for a vintage off-roader. While it has some chips, fading, and other minor damage, plus some paint touch-ups, this SUV definitely presents well. All the chrome trim pieces shine up nicely and even the wheels are in good condition.

Also in surprisingly good shape is the interior, with no holes or other damage in the seat upholstery, carpeting, and dash, Every gauge and dash light works, as does the heater and blower motor. With some elbow grease and doing a few minor repairs, you could get this Ford looking fantastic once more.

Most importantly, the 351ci V8 engine runs well, so you’re not facing big mechanical issues with this vehicle. It’s mated to an automatic transmission. Also included is an NP205 transfer case and 3.50 gears for both axles. All this combines for excellent trail capability and a lot of fun.

The second generation of the Ford Bronco launched in 1978, making the off-road rig a little more comfortable for driving in the elements. Through the 1979 model year everything from the front doors forward matched the Ford F-100 exactly. There’s also a removable fiberglass top over the rear seats, if you want to bask in the fresh air. Values are climbing quickly for second-generation Broncos, especially the 1978 and 1979 model years. If you want to scoop this classic Ford Bronco, contact 4-Wheel Classics to make arrangements.

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