1964 Volkswagen Bus 21 Split Window Makes Transporting The Crew A Blast

Jun 28, 2019 2 min read
1964 Volkswagen Bus 21 Split Window Makes Transporting The Crew A Blast

Everyone loves a VW Bus.

One of the most recognizable classic Volkswagens is the Type 2. Finding one in even decent condition can be a challenge, especially considering prices keep rising. Even more amazing is to find one like this 1964 Volkswagen Bus, which has been tastefully modified in all the right ways to make it both fun and amazing to look at. We have Shelton Classics & Performance for bringing this beauty to market.

1964 Volkswagen Bus 21 Split Window Makes Transporting The Crew A Blast

While a Volkswagen Bus already stands out just by nature, the two-tone yellow and silver paint job just makes everything pop. The paint and all that beautiful chrome shine to almost perfection, so you can take this classic anywhere and really impress everyone who sees it. The ragtop, which was a factory option, is in fantastic condition. All the doors work properly, as do the windows, which have been tinted. A tasteful lowering and a few other exterior customizations really compliment this ride.

Of course, with such a dramatic exterior you also need a really cool interior. Customized details abound, like two-tone leather seats, an overhead console for the driver and front passenger, silver dashboard, VDO gauges that match the silver paint with yellow lettering, and panels throughout. The Gene Berg t-handle shifter adds a nice touch, too.

Even the Type 1 VW engine powering this Bus has been modified. Much of the 2,110cc motor has been rebuilt and new parts were installed, plus dual carbs and a Porsche 911 cooling system was installed. To top it off, a custom performance exhaust system has been installed, which sounds great. This whole setup results in over 100-horsepower, which is great considering how underpowered the VW Bus is in stock form. You’ll have a great, highly entertaining time driving this modified classic.

This particular Volkswagen Bus is actually quite famous in the enthusiast community. It’s a former show vehicle that was built by Kustom Coach Werks back in about 2004. Many of the details on this ride are completely unique and very well done, making this VW memorable. Such a tight, highly customized Bus would be a solid addition to your garage.

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