Save Gotham City In This $140K Batmobile Replica

Oct 11, 2019 2 min read
Save Gotham City In This $140K Batmobile Replica

Action bubbles and tight superhero outfit not included.

There have been numerous iterations of the Batmobile over the years, but none are better than that from Batman television show from the 1960s. That iconic car was designed by legendary customizer George Barris, and it was based off the 1955 Lincoln Futura concept vehicle. Many replicas of this Batmobile have been made, and this one being sold by Imperial Motorcars is about as good as they get.


Save Gotham City In This Amazingly Accurate Batmobile Replica

It's amazing the level of detail that went into replicating the Batmobile starting with a fiberglass body and giving it all of the Batmobile's styling cues such as the dual glass canopies, huge rear tail finds, rocket thruster, mag wheels with the Batman logo on the center caps and the recognizable black paint job with red pinstriping. Inside, this car has everything Batman and Robin would need to fight Gotham City's worst criminals including Batram, Cat Scanner Activator, Detect-A-Scope, Time Repair Device and the Emergency Bat-Turn Lever.

While Barris' original Batmobile started life as the Future concept car, this replica from Batrodz LLC is based on a 1979 Lincoln Continental. Despite the custom body, this Batmobile is still powered by the Lincoln's original Ford 400 CID V8 and three-speed automatic, and there are reportedly just 59,000 miles on this car. While the rocket thruster and parachutes aren't functional, most of the rest of this car's underpinnings have been replaced including the wiring harness, fuel cell, dual exhaust and valve cover gaskets and seals. You wouldn't want the car to break down while chasing after the Joker.

Save Gotham City In This Amazingly Accurate Batmobile Replica

Imperial Motorcars has this amazingly accurate '60s-era Batmobile replica up for sale, and it will take $139,995 to add this car to your collection (or you can click HERE to make an offer). That might seem like a steep price for a replica, but it's a bargain compared to the $4.62 million that the original Batmobile sold for at auction back in 2013.

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