Ride A Legendary 1955 Vincent Black Prince

Dec 24, 2019 2 min read
Ride A Legendary 1955 Vincent Black Prince

This is a highly collectible motorcycle.

For anyone who really knows the history of motorcycles, this 1955 Vincent Black Prince represents genius which wasn’t fully appreciated during its time. Many in the 1950s though the sleek bodywork was ugly, looking nothing like current bikes. They also abhorred the engine cover, with some claiming it would cause the Black Prince to tip over when hit with crosswinds. However, this high-performance motorcycle helped pave the way for progress in the motorcycle world, and so it’s considered extremely important historically today.

Evidently, the pushback against an engine cover meant Vincent didn’t make too many Black Prince motorcycles with it. That detail alone makes this bike rare and desirable, as it retains all of its original fiberglass bodywork.

This motorcycle was nicknamed the “two-wheeled Bentley” because of its luxurious and sophisticated nature. Silky black paint, which has been recently applied, along with gold pinstriping and script really punch home the fact this is a high-end motorcycle. The chromed details on this ride look even more impressive next to the dark body, really dressing up this Vincent.

Representing the last of the Vincent V-twin motorcycles, many desire to own a Black Prince. While there is some controversy about exactly how many were made, all agree production numbers were only in the hundreds. Few have been imported to the United States, making them even more desirable among collectors.

Already, this bike has set a world record after selling at Bonhams in June of 2014 for a shocking £91,100. At that time, the Black Prince was in major disrepair, so in its current state this Vincent is worth far more. As the world better understands the significance of this bike, it will surely increase in value further. Many that are still in existence sit in museums, and you could show this ride off with great pride at any show or gathering.

To make an offer on this Vincent Black Prince, contact Graeme Hunt Ltd, which is handling the sale.

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