1952 GMC 3100 Truck Features Unique Patina

May 8, 2019 1 min read
1952 GMC 3100 Truck Features Unique Patina

This glossy clear coat patina finish is very usual, impressive in equal measure.

We all love a bit of patina, that almost indescribable layer that life deposits on a car. The rusted, hard worked, and extensively used look is particularly popular on hotrods and pickups, but we bet you’ve seen few vehicles as proud of their patina as this GMC.

The 1952 GMC 3100 truck being offered by Streetside Classics features an impressive patina built over the decades, but also a layer of clear coat over the top. Like framing a painting, this protective layer almost freezes this car’s rustic look in time. In addition to maintaining its appearance, the glossy layer also adds a cinematic shine to the GMC’s bodywork that is totally unique amongst other unrestored cars we’ve seen.

This truck’s modifications go beyond its eye-catching paintwork, with lowered suspension and modern 16-inch alloy wheels creating a more sporting look. Better than just looking fast, is going fast, and the 3100’s new 350 cubic-inch V8 engine doesn’t disappoint. An Edelbrock four-barrel carburetor, hi-rise aluminum intake, and shorty headers all add to this package, as does a theatrical dual exhaust.

Other under the skin modifications include a Ford Crown Victoria front end, modern disc brakes, and three speed automatic transmission to make this classic truck easier to live with everyday. Air conditioning will also be a welcome addition on hot summer days.

The interior is a well executed restoration with the pristine black bench seat and vintage dashboard transporting occupants back in time nearly seven decades. A new three-spoke steering wheel hints at the performance under the hood, but generally speaking the cabin respects the original design.

This highly unusual truck with its new take on patina preservation will undoubtably grab attention at classic car events. The current asking price for the five-window pickup is $34,995.

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Source: Streetside Classics

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