MV Augusta 350 Scrambler Ready To Ride

May 8, 2019 2 min read
1963 MV Augusta 350 Scrambler Ready To Ride

Take this classic to the trail.

Americans love their scramblers. They’re practical, especially for anyone who lives near some fun and easily accessible trails. That’s why this MV Augusta 350 Scrambler not only looks beautiful, but it will take you to places where you can enjoy even more beautiful views. San Francisco Sports Cars is offering this classic bike to enrich your weekend rides.

MV Augusta 350 Scrambler Ready To Ride

The orange and silver paint job is in excellent condition, as is all the brightwork from top to bottom. The saddle leather is free of cracks, splits, and other damage. All components are factory and work, including the gauges.

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As you can see, this is a classic scrambler design that accommodates rolling over all kinds of trail obstacles without anything getting hung up. That means a raised exhaust system with a mesh cover to protect the rider’s legs from burns, plus some extra protection for the sump so rocks and other debris don’t damage it. The handlebars are also raised, creating a distinct look and feel for this ride.

One of the many great things about this Italian bike is the 350 parallel twin, which runs strong and sounds amazing when revving. It produces a peak 27-brake horsepower at 7600 rpm. A five-speed gearbox gets that rear tire spinning in a hurry and makes for relatively comfortable cruising, so you can take this bike on the open road as well as into nature.

A mere 217 of MV Augusta 350 Scramblers were made, meaning this bike is a rarity that will look great in your collection. When all cleaned up, it presents well, but at the same time this is a toy you can actually take out and play with in the dirt. Since this is something that might not be available for purchase, considering a fair amount of the original 217 bikes likely haven’t survived, now’s your chance to scoop this Italian beauty.

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