1950 Ford F1 Wears Rugged Patina

Aug 15, 2019 2 min read
1950 Ford F1 Wears Rugged Patina

That rustic look permeates every nook and cranny of this truck, inside and out.

For a growing number of classic car collectors, having something with a rustic patina is a strong fashion statement. Finding something with that naturally on it, like this 1950 Ford F1 can be difficult. Often, classic cars and trucks have been repainted by well-meaning previous owners who thought a shiny gleam to the body panels was far more desirable than earth-toned buildup.

1950 Ford F1 Wears Rugged Patina

That alone makes this Ford truck compelling. While pieces of the trim like the badging and dog dish hubcaps have a nice shine, both the exterior and cab of this truck have the look of having sat in the elements for decades. That goes for the wood slats for the bed rails. Matching the look of this pickup is what appears to be a homemade wood toolbox in the payload, right behind the cab. You just can’t buy something like that at the store and it’s loaded with gritty character.

Matching the rustic aesthetics are some character-building dents, because it’s not a real truck without at least of few of those.

Don’t let the weathered looks fool you: this truck drives great. The previous owner updated the electrical system to 12-volt, so you don’t need to deal with troublesome issues. Running smooth and pulling strong is a 239ci Flathead V8 with a mighty 100-horsepower on tap. It works with a manual transmission. New Coker radial tires are included, which have a nice whitewalls, going great with the red steel wheels.

The Ford F-Series is still going strong today, although it looks much different than back in 1950. Originally launched in 1948, the Ford F1 was the smallest pickup Ford offered, but was a favorite for many households looking for a workhorse. And while they were plentiful back in the day, many have succumbed to serious accidents, so the pool of survivors keeps shrinking. There’s plenty of nostalgia in these trucks, so they’ll continue to be popular collectors’ items and will appreciate in value as a result.

If you’re interested in buying this Ford truck, you can get it through Street Dreams.

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