Drop Jaws With This Dramatic 1953 Bentley "Blue Train" Recreation

Oct 2, 2019 2 min read
Drop Jaws With This Dramatic 1953 Bentley "Blue Train" Recreation

A custom-built coach that recreates one of Bentley's most famous true stories.

Bentley has been producing cars for 100 years and is still going strong to this day. With the automaker being around for ten decades, of course it has collected its share of rich history. One of Bentley’s most famous stories involves the Bentley Special “Blue Train” and its driver Woolf Barnato. Canepa is pleased to offer the chance to own an impressive recreation of a 1953 Bentley “Blue Train” Special.

Barnato tried to place a bet with his friends that he could beat a steam engine with his Bentley Speed Six across 700 miles of French countryside all while facing intense weather conditions. Long story short, he set of on the strenuous trek, and he made it to Calais just four minutes before the train pulled up to the station.

An amazing story, it left an impact on many car enthusiasts and racers alike, but it really struck a chord with UK-based Racing Green Engineering in Carmarthenshire. In the business for over 40 years restoring cars of all kinds, they agreed to start recreating genuine limited-production and limited-edition “Blue Train” Bentleys. They finished their very first custom coach-built Bentley back in 2007.

Drop Jaws With This Dramatic 1953 Bentley

Utilizing only the best materials, the body of the Bentley was created using ash timber framing and hand-crafted aluminum panels and the interior features the best tobacco brown Connolly leather for the upholstery, and it sits on a Bentley MK VI chassis. The doors feature polished walnut, and even cocktail cabinets containing pressed crystal glasses can be found inside.

Powering this beauty is a straight-8 engine that was also used in a Centurion ARV tank and generates 180-horsepower. It is shifted by a 4-speed manual transmission. Since its completion in 2018, it has been driven only 1,216 miles by its most recent owner. This car was built to exact specifications to its first collector.

If you’re looking for a dramatic yet unique car that is bound to be a conversation piece no matter where it goes, contact Canepa today and make an offer.


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