1959 Ford Ranchero Is The Best Of Both Worlds

Aug 19, 2019 2 min read
1959 Ford Ranchero Is The Best Of Both Worlds

The perfect multipurpose car-pickup mashup

Roll in style while picking up that new couch from the furniture store in this beautiful 1959 Ford Ranchero. This classic car-pickup blend would make the perfect addition to your garage. This multi-purpose vintage vehicle will hit the online auction block through The Vault between August 28th – September 11th.

1959 Ford Ranchero Is The Best Of Both Worlds

Stuffed inside the engine bay is 352cui V8 connected to a 3-speed manual transmission on the column. Rated at 300 horsepower, it is safe to say that this Ranchero is no slouch under the gas pedal. Inside, the factory air conditioning keeps everything cool, and the exterior pickup bed comes equipped with bed rails.

First produced in 1957, the Ford Ranchero was the first American car-pickup hybrid, and for the 1959 model year, it was completely restyled both aesthetically and mechanically to keep the newly introduced Chevrolet El Camino at bay. For the 1959 year, the body sat on a new frame that was sturdier, wider, and stronger.

For the new exterior redesign, a broad grille with the addition of quad headlights were installed up front, and the rear featured large round taillights. For a smoother ride, the suspension was also improved.

1959 Ford Ranchero Is The Best Of Both Worlds

With the El Camino nipping at its heels, still 14,169 Ford Ranchero pickups were produced for the last model year. After 1959, the Ranchero was no longer a standalone model, and the name was soon applied to the Ford Falcon and Fairlane models where it was a hot commodity. Staying with the smaller Falcon or mid-sized Fairlane, the Ranchero name finally came to an end due to the trucks and smaller import trucks growing in popularity. Also, Ford made the switch to front-wheel-drive also helped send the Ranchero into extinction.

If in the market for a classic Ford Ranchero, you can go onsite and inspect this beauty for yourself between 9am – 5pm central time or make a weekend appointment.


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