1941 Ford F-1 Burns Rubber And Rescues Friends

Jul 22, 2019 2 min read
1941 Ford F-1 Burns Rubber And Rescues Friends

At least nobody will ask you to help them move with this hot rod Ford.

A Ford F-1 is a classic truck, even if it’s rusting and sitting in a field, because the machine is venerated by fans of the Blue Oval and more. Even better is this 1941 Ford F-1 that’s beautiful and has had some pretty serious custom work done. Someone needs to snag this and give it a good home, because this truck deserves no less.

If you know F-1s then you immediately realize this truck doesn’t have factory proportions, along with some other things. The top has been chopped 3 inches, shrinking the windows and keeping the beltline where it should be. Shaved door handles keep the sides nice and smooth. A nice shade of orange paint is draped over the body panels, which are all steel save the rear fenders, with bright yellow on the grille and yellow flames licking down both sides of this hot rod. American Racing Torque Thrust five-spoke wheels help complete the custom look of this Ford.

Then there’s the custom fabricated steel bed, with the sides stepping down twice. A small boom mounted in the bed means you can use this ride to get your buddy’s hot rod home, then make him apologize for all those Fix Or Repair Daily jokes he’s told.

Also customized in many ways is the interior, which carries on the orange color scheme on the dash, door panels, and seats. A soft premium leather upholstery makes for a comfortable way to pilot this truck, while the GM tilt steering column pampers you further. New gauges in the dash allow you to keep a watchful eye on everything as you push this hot rod to the limit, plus there are floor-mounted cupholders so you can bring along some drinks for a night of cruising.

You also get a 327ci V8 for plenty of performance. It works with a Turbo 350 automatic transmission, plus a Ford rear end with a 2-inch axle drop. Disc brakes up front help you bring everything to a halt when necessary.

Because this Ford F-1 was made right before the United States entered WWII, it’s a rare ride. Despite being customized, there’s a lot of history in this ride’s bones, plus it’s a cool hot rod to take for shows. Classic Auto Sales Ltd. is offering this unique classic truck.

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