For Under $290K, Steal The Show In This Ultra-Rare 1938 Caddy Series 90 'Vert

Oct 3, 2019 2 min read
For Under $290K, Steal The Show In This  Rare 1938 Caddy Series 90 'Vert

Just 10 of the Cadillac Series 90 V-16-powered convertibles built for the 1938 model year.

With a body full of curves and edges, the Caddy Series 90 convertible is a rare classic collectible that would make the perfect addition to any collection or garage. Sunny Sunday cruises are bound to turn some heads with this conversation piece. Volo Auto Museum is pleased to offer the opportunity to own this rare and elegant 1938 Cadillac Series 90 convertible.

For Under $290K, Steal The Show In This  Rare 1938 Caddy Series 90 'Vert

Producing 185-horsepower, a 431cui 135-degree V16 engine was stuffed under the hood and shifted by a 3-speed manual transmission. For 1938, Cadillac decided to go with an all-new V16 engine, and they dropped the overhead valves and replaced them with a flat-head configuration that was more powerful and weighed less than prior models. One of the reasons for this was to shorten the length of the wheelbase by 13 inches. A few years later due to economical reasons, the V16 was completely dropped with only 515 built over the course of its production run. For the 1938 model year, only 315 units were built total, and only 10 of those were V16 convertibles like this one. That's right, this vintage Caddy is just one of 10 ever made.

For Under $290K, Steal The Show In This  Rare 1938 Caddy Series 90 'Vert

The luxurious body of this classic Caddy is blanketed in beautiful Italian Cream paint and features a contrasting red leather interior with plenty of leg room all around. This beautiful car possesses that old-school luxury feel that just can't be duplicated with the modern cars of today.

Make quite the entrance at your local car show with this 1938 Cadillac Series 90 convertible. This vintage gem surely won't last long considering how rare it is, so if you are interested in taking this convertible home for yourself, contact Volo Auto Museum today. The car is listed at $289,000, but feel free to submit any offers here.


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