1937 Railton Stratton Saloon Pushes Stately Performance

Nov 20, 2019 2 min read
1937 Railton Stratton Saloon Pushes Stately Performance

In true British fashion, it has been impeccably constructed to the finest detail.

Of all classic British automobiles, one of the more fascinating examples is this 1937 Railton Stratton Saloon. Fairmile Engineering Company made Railton-branded cars from 1933 to 1940 in Surrey, England. With the Stratton, the idea was to mimic the straight-line performance of American cars, combining it with British build quality and superior handling.

1937 Railton Stratton Saloon Pushes Stately Performance

As you can see from this example being offered for sale by The Vault, the Railton Stratton looks quite formal and distinctively British. Polished Jet-Black body panels fabricated by Coachcraft have a hint of athleticism to them, especially the curvaceous fenders. You’ll note that even the smallest details on the exterior are executed to perfection, like the piano hinge holding the engine cowling in place and the polished alloy moldings bordering the black vinyl roof. Among the unique features is an integrated trunk with a split lid.

Underneath all the exterior aesthetics is a lightweight yet rigid chassis. It was Railton who fine-tuned the chassis for driving on British roads. Among the items he used are Andre Telecontrol shocks, which helped balance handling with comfort.

This particular Railton Stratton has been fully restored and boasts a CCCA Senior Award, which is a truly enviable accomplishment. Instead of getting an engine from the domestic market, Railton sourced the 8-cylinder engine from the Hudson Terraplane. That meant more power for thrilling and surprisingly smooth acceleration. As part of the restoration, the engine was completely rebuilt and has been painted red with black on various components in the engine compartment.

In true British automotive fashion, the tan leather interior is sophisticated and comfortable, with an impeccable fit and finish. Chocolate brown piping and carpeting add unexpected yet very pleasing contrast, while a tan broadcloth and leather headliner adds even more elegance. Rich wood on the doors, window surrounds, dash, and more provide additional warmth. A large sunroof adds a free feeling to the space.

A rare and highly collectible treat, this 1937 Railton Stratton Saloon is a tremendous addition to any garage. It's being auctioned off, so if you're interested in owning it, create an account and place a bid. If you have questions, contact The Vault.

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