Own A 1931 Ford Model A Pickup For Well Under $20K

Sep 16, 2019 2 min read
Own A 1931 Ford Model A Pickup For Well Under $20K

These old Ford trucks are surprisingly tough.

Too often people dream of owning a classic vehicle, but then convince themselves that such a goal is too expensive and out of reach. This 1931 Ford Model A Pickup is the perfect example of a fantastic classic car which has been listed at a price most would-be collectors and investors can afford. It’s not something which is falling apart or needs extensive work, so what you get is a functional and attractive old Ford for a fantastic deal.

Own A 1931 Ford Model A Pickup For Well Under $20K

The cream paint looks good next to the painted black fenders and black vinyl roof. Close inspection will reveal some scratches here and there, but corrective work would take those out if they bother you that much. The rest of the exterior is period-correct, with shiny bumpers, painted wire-spoke wheels, fender-mounted spares, and unblemished wood slats in the payload. No matter if you’re cruising down the main drag in your hometown or have this truck parked, it looks fantastic and will rake in high praise.

While many of these Model As have modern additions in the cab, this one keeps things original. The plain black color scheme includes an accurate steering wheel and gauge cluster in the middle of the dash. The stick shift features a plain white knob, which really helps it stand out. While the bench seat is anything but fancy, it’s well-padded and free of damage to the upholstery. Both door panels look perfect, with a window crank and pull for a clean, correct presentation.

Using the proper powertrain setup, this Ford has a 3.3-liter inline four-cylinder engine with a 3-speed manual, just like what it used when it rolled off the assembly line. This setup was a big technological leap forward, but the Model A was also about pushing the design envelope. In fact, Henry Ford brought his son Edsel in to make this iconic vehicle look amazing, thanks to increasing competition from Chevrolet. The end result was a smash hit, and now you have a chance to own this automotive legend. Contact GR Auto Gallery for details.

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