1931 Buick 91 Shows Timeless Elegance

Aug 20, 2019 2 min read
1931 Buick 91 Shows Timeless Elegance

This car is so good-looking, it will always generate interest.

Pre-World War II cars are always fascinating to look at and drive, but this 1931 Buick 91 is a standout even among other Depression-era vehicles. Perfectly using the popular styling of the time, it was luxurious and elegant without being overly pretentious. That all translates surprisingly well for modern times, with your average person on the street able to immediately appreciate the car.

For 1931, Buick kept the styling of its vehicle lineup the same as the 1930 model year. That included the Series 90, which was the top-of-the-line Buick. Shoppers could get one of eight possible body styles for the car, with many favoring the Four-Door Special Sedan since it was both long and low-to-the-ground, making it especially aesthetically pleasing.

This particular car features a rich blue exterior plus black fenders and running boards, with everything polished to a mirror-like finish. Matching that appearance are sparkling chromed exterior components like the grille, headlight housings, bumpers, and various trim pieces. Yellow wire-spoke wheels, whitewall tires, dual fender-mounted spares, a windshield brow, and other period-correct details abound. There’s even an actual trunk mounted to the rear rack. Overall, the lines of the car from any angle are simple and elegant.

Richly appointed, the brown interior is also period-correct. That means the original gauges, steering wheel, and other controls are all in place. Cranks on the doors control the windows. Luxurious tufted cloth upholstery and well-padded seats make this car luxurious to travel in, even by today’s standards.

Because this is a CCCA Full Classic, this Buick has been fully restored both cosmetically and mechanically. That means the period-correct 344ci 8-cylinder engine with 104-horsepower on tap works smoothly. The same can be said about the floor-mounted tree-speed manual transmission, which really adds to the authentic feel of the car.

If you’re interested in this Buick 91, register now for the online auction through The Vault.

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