One Of Four 1994 Porsche 968 Turbo S Looking For New Home

Mar 14, 2019 2 min read
One Of Four 1994 Porsche 968 Turbo S Looking For New Home

With a likely number of 14 models produced over two years, this 968 Turbo S packs 305hp thanks to its modified motor

The 968 was the end of an era for Porsche. Having tried to branch out of its 911-shaped brand, the company tried its hand at front-engined motoring in 1976 with the 924. Using a van engine meant this predictably wasn't a huge success, so in 1982 the 944 replaced it with an actual Porsche power unit, albeit not a flat-six.

Porsche developed one of the largest four-cylinder gasoline block engines for a production car ever seen; starting life at 2.5-liters and expanding to 3.0L like in the 968 you see here.

The 944 was improved over time and takes merit for being the first car in the world to come with driver and passenger airbags as standard. This was in the Turbo model, which propelled the unique looking sports coupe into the big leagues. By the early 1990s the 944 was running out of puff, yet Porsche itself had grown rather attached to the platform, and Stuttgart's engineers kept on at it.

The result was the 968, a car that was conceived to act as a quasi special edition to the dated 944. Despite this ambition, Porsche ended up changing 80% of the components for the 968, although the recognisable silhouette remained largely intact. The resulting car made itself a standalone model for three years.

Before those years were up, Porsche Motorsport decided to get involved and turn things up to 11. The car here is not well known and for good reason; it is believed that only 14 were produced and it’s called the Turbo S. Having stolen the bottom end from a 3.0L 968 and the top of a 944 Turbo S, this was quite a deranged little animal. Kicking out 305-horsepower in 1994 was brow raising stuff, especially when Porsche managed to shave 45lbs off the weight. The result was being quicker than the 964 911 RSR, yeah that quick.

The vehicle featured here is even rarer, as it is believed to be one of three or four examples produced in 1994. The icing on the proverbial cake is the 1234km figure showing on the odometer, making this a true exhibition car.

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