Top-Spec Range Rover SVR Bespoke Edition Selling on Bring A Trailer

Dec 22, 2022 2 min read
Top-Spec Range Rover SVR Bespoke Edition Selling on Bring A Trailer

Who could have thought an SUV could be that fast…

For the better part of the last few decades, there has been one luxury SUV that represents the highest level of wealth and clout in all of the automotive industry. For those of you who think it’s the Mercedes G wagon, good guess but it’s not. Rather, it is the pinnacle of European luxury and performance engineering that we all know as the Range Rover. High power figures, great looks, and an even better interior design made cars like this one iconic in their genre of automotive production, here’s why.

First of all, it’s actually pretty easy to notice the signature design language of the Range Rover. Across the body everything is sort of a cool mix between round and square with the SUV style being given a unique air speed despite its large body. On top of that, the paint job of this particular SUV is a really interesting avocado gloss edition, a name that pretty much speaks for itself. All of these things combine to be a great sporty luxury grocery getter that can accomplish pretty much any utility job you need but, this is the performance of this car will probably surprise you.

Under the hood of this massive hauler is a 5.0-liter supercharged V-8 engine. That powerhouse is more than enough to make 575 hp and 516 pound feet of torque. Well the 200 mile an hour speedometer might be a little bit of a stretch, all of that power is sent through a duel range transfer case and an eight speed automatic transmission. Overall, this is a vehicle made specifically to combine the best aspect of utility and performance vehicles all wrapped up and do a great luxurious package, which is exactly why you should consider buying this Range Rover for your automotive collection.

This awesome Range Rover is being sold by Cascio Motors. See their other great inventory and learn more about consignment at

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