Top-Spec Mercedes Brabus G550 4x4 Is Climbing On Bring A Trailer

Aug 22, 2022 2 min read
Top-Spec Mercedes Brabus G550 4x4 Is Climbing On Bring A Trailer

Are you ready to drive through the Amazon in style?

Recently, Mercedes has been a brand without a clear direction in terms of what kind of cars they want to provide their fans with. Other companies such as BMW and Porsche have sort of covered the iconic brand up with their incredible feats of technological advancement. However, there is one niche which almost nobody expected the German automaker to thrive in yet it has dominated it completely. That subgenre of car culture is luxury off-roading which might sound funny but is a very popular form of exploration for those enthusiasts who like to see new things. At the forefront of their delving into the world of utility performance vehicles is the G550, of which this particular vehicle is a great example.

Under the hood of this wild beast is a 4.0-liter V8 engine which utilizes its displacement to make a ton of horsepower. Altogether, this V8 should be pushing out around 416 horsepower which is great fro anyone who enjoys driving fast on paved roads but there is a far more important figure which fans of offroading should recognize. That number is torque, of which this vehicle boasts about 460 ft/lbs which is far more impressive when you consider the focus on horsepower over torque newer cars seem to have. So how does it do this? One of the major factors is the twin-turbocharging system which makes driving incredibly fun along with providing a very unique sound and power-band.

Transferring that power to the ground should come with pretty much zero traction issue because of the enormous tires. Featuring a width of 13.5-inches, you get a very large contact patch which is great for situations which require extra grip. We can reasonably assume that if you're going offroading, you’ll need all the ride height you can get. That's why the truck shows off a set of 37-inch tall tires along with some adventure-ready high-riding suspension. All in all, Mercedes outdid themselves on this one as it combines luxury like no other with utility and performance wrapped up in a good looking package. That's why you should consider this G550 for your next automotive purchase.

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