Sweet Sixteen Cylinder Marmons Selling at Mecum's Monterey Sale

Aug 8, 2022 2 min read
Sweet Sixteen Cylinder Marmons Selling at Mecum's Monterey Sale

These cars are so rare most people never see one, this guy owns four and is proud of it.

In the early 20th century there was one company that seemingly trumped all others in terms of their innovative design and engineering. That brand was called Marmon and to say they were dedicated to the pursuit of better automotive technology would be a vast understatement. Having created models such as the Wasp which won the first ever Indianapolis 500, it's easy to see how the Marmon Motor Company found success in the roaring ‘20s. This collection is a testament to the greatness portrayed by the brand and its automobiles as it combines four incredibly rare vehicles into one piece which you might have the chance to own very soon.

Originally advertised as “The World’s Most Advanced Automobile” in its time, these Marmon Sixteens are now recognized by the CCCA as full classic cars. This emphasis on innovation was due to its incredible powertrain, a V-16 which competed with the likes of Cadillac’s best models. One of the most surprising things about this engine is the fact that it was a completely unique design unlike some other V-16-boasting sports cars. Clearly, this made the Marmon brand famous worldwide with other companies trying and mostly failing to keep up. However, the end eventually came for the Marmon Motor Company with just a few examples of their cars left in the world.

Despite only having made 390 Sixteens between 1931 and 1933, this loving car enthusiast owns four of them which he now aims to sell to another classic car fan who will take care of them. These are not merely vehicles, but driving pieces of history with a ton of rich heritage to offer to the next driver to get behind the wheel. Two of these vehicles are black with convertible tops for those drivers who like to have some fun with the top down in a sleek and unsuspecting sports car. While the others include a black limousine and a lighter gray coupe that boasted one of the best performance and styling from its time. That's why you should consider this incredible automotive collection for your next automotive purchase.

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