Sensational Pantera Selling Thursday On Bring A Trailer

Oct 3, 2022 2 min read
Sensational Pantera Selling Thursday On Bring A Trailer

This unforgettable masterpiece is one of the most unique rides to come out of the 1970s.

The Pantera is known for many things to automotive enthusiasts around the globe, especially in America and Italy. Featuring Ford engine and technology and unforgettable Italian styling, this was the perfect crossbreed of two international automotive Giants. You don’t have to take it from us, even the likes of Elvis Presley had a taste for these cars which also sparked interest for many of his fans. Nowadays this vehicle is pretty elusive and extremely unique making those who are unfamiliar with the car scratch their heads wondering what it is. Here’s a great example that perfectly explains exactly what made the car so great in the first place and the best part is you could be the next driver to get behind the wheel.

First of all, anyone who knows this vehicle will tell you that the centerpiece of the entire automobile is the engine driving it forward. This incredible power train utilizes 351 cubic inches of displacement, something some of the mustangs at the time didn’t even get. Now widely revered as one of Ford’s best engines from the classic days, the 351 V8 provides more than enough power to rocket this small sports car to some ridiculous speeds. While the engine might be a little aged, it was also reportedly overhauled in anticipation of it being driven around by an enthusiast who knows what they’re doing. This is all made even better when you look at the mode of power transfer used by this incredible driver's car.

Providing you with as much control as possible, this gearbox is set up in a manual configuration making it very desirable to automotive enthusiasts everywhere. Automatic transmissions only recently got pretty good at their job, though they still don’t provide the same control and connection with your car as a manual. That’s exactly why this five speed Manual transaxle was the perfect choice for such a vivacious vehicle. Altogether, the Pantera could be perfectly described as a conjunction of Italian styling and American engine performance engineering making it a blast on any race track or road course. Nowadays the car is looking for a new owner to push its limits and is currently up for auction which is set to end in five days. If you want a chance to get behind the wheel and truly feel one of the most unique sports cars to ever come out of the 1960s, then you better hurry before somebody else takes this prize.

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