Second Generation Corvette Has LS3 Power

Jun 28, 2022 2 min read
Second Generation Corvette Has LS3 Power

This vintage sports car uses one of the modern world's best V8s to produce some massive power figures.

The LS engine has become a significant icon within the restoration and modification world for its incredible power and reliability. Along with these performance-based attributes, you also get the added benefits of retaining all GM parts to keep up with the car's history. Nowadays, each significant performance manufacturer has its own coveted engine platform, but none of them have received the same admiration and recognition as the LS. That's why the builders of this incredible Chevrolet Corvette chose the massive powerhouse whose high displacement now powers one of the nation's most excellent sports cars. So, what variation of the LS platform is featured in the engine bay of this 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray?

With eight cylinders pushing through 6.2-liters of displacement, this incredible engine is an LS3 featured in cars like the more recent Corvette and Camaro models. These cars have all been heralded as great high-performance cars with abundant power and straight-line speed. Along with the six-speed automatic transmission, this powerhouse is a great feature for any enthusiast looking to do a little racing on the track. But, of course, even off the track, this car is enjoyable to drive as the rawness of the LS platform makes the experience of skillful driving paramount. With these incredible performance modifications, you might also expect pretty hefty exterior and interior upgrades.

You'd be absolutely correct in assuming the high-quality body and cockpit, whose design reflects the best classic and modern innovation. The seats feature a performance-based design that combines comfort and a bucket structure to allow a range of driving techniques. Red seems to be a great color for this Corvette as a performance decal across the top of the car in a bright and vibrant red. This option complements the interior exceptionally well, making style one of these vehicles' strong suits. All of this combines to make a great road car with the potential for high-performance racing, which is precisely why you should consider this Corvette for your next automotive purchase.

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