Las Vegas Dodge Charger Driver Charged After Corvette Crash Killed Two

Jun 28, 2022 2 min read
Las Vegas  Dodge Charger Driver Charged After Corvette Crash Killed Two

The cars were racing when the Corvette hit a pole at a high speed, and the occupants died.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police are reporting that a man named Javoni Tavizon Monarrez was racing a Corvette, when the driver lost control, resulting in two fatalities. This comes nearly a month after the accident, but the police used surveillance video to piece it together. Now, he is facing some serious jail time.

Watch our interview with a car detailer here.

The wreck occurred on May 24th, and Mr. Monarrez was arrested and booked on reckless driving charges on June 14, three weeks after the crash that killed the driver and passenger of the Corvette. Video shows the Corvette traveling at a very high rate of speed while approaching an intersection. Once they reached the intersection, the driver of the Chevy Corvette lost control of the sports car and hit and power pole, then a fence. The owner of the Corvette, Priscilla Rebecca Velasquez, was in the passenger seat and was pronounced dead on the scene. While the driver, Alexander Qahhaar, was taken to the University Medical Center, after being ejected from the car, where he later died.

Two minutes before the crash, surveillance video showed the Corvette and a 2022 Dodge Charger at an intersection down the street, and using Google Earth, and further surveillance footage, the police were able to estimate the Corvette was going about 140 mph five seconds before the crash.

“Due to the fact both the Corvette and the Dodge were seen on video within close proximity of each other in all three video points, it also proves the speeds had to be similar and indicative of an unauthorized speed contest,” police said in an arrest report.

Police said the two drivers worked together, and were at a hookah lounge celebrating another co-worker’s birthday. Monarrez said he didn’t recall racing the Corvette, but the videos say otherwise.

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